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       Owner & Project Manager

Bradley Schaubert has a long resume when it comes to Real Estate. He has a passion for turning land into something special. He created The BRG to help smaller builders come together with custom clients without sacrificing customer care or adding to the price.


Kim Pearse owns Centerhill Staging. She is a valued team member which helps our clients choose all selections from gutters to interior lighting. After all selections have been complete she puts everything into a easy to read binder for the clients and our builder so that there is zero confusion in the field.

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Marketing and Sales

James Ester is originally from Colorado with a Masters Degree in Project Management. This guy definitely knows land and construction.

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Marketing and Sales

Here at The Builder Resource Group we call Madonna Young "The Queen of Custom" She hit the ground running from day one and does not let anything get her down.

Marketing and Sales

Dana Boman has just under 20 years of experience and 100's of sales. We are proud to have a Dana Mason as a BRG partner.

Sales and Technology

Travis Swartz has years in the tech industry and he having a real estate license, it was a perfect fit from the

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